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Rich control panel

You can configure, add and delete nodes via the Control Panel. You can also easily install the Kubernetes Dashboard or other pre configured helm packages (e.g. Wordpress and many more).

Application clustering

Let your application run in replication or high availablity mode. 99% uptime per year. Ingress with floating IP supported.

Fast persistent storage

You can add persistent volumes to your worker nodes. These are based on additional disks of the size and type of your choice (ssd or nvme, billed to the nearest gigabyte). This ensures durability for your stateful application data.

Load Balancer and pod autoscaling

Your Kubernetes service is delivered to you, then your work nodes are provisioned, in a few minutes. The scheduler displays new services or replicates them on your nodes in a matter of seconds. By integrating the Load Balancer, you can efficiently distribute traffic over multiple nodes. You can set CPU/RAM quotas, health conditions and automatic scaling for your pods.

Free Support

We include free technical support via our helpdesk. Default support times:
Monday to Friday, 20:00 - 0:00 (Seychelles Time, UTC/GMT +4), for other support times contact support.

Automated Access

Control everything through our API, kubectl or your CI/CD pipelines via Helm. Included Gitlab CI Integration. RBAC enabled.

Scalability and high availability

Exposing a service on multiple worker nodes is easily done, in just a few command lines or via our web interface. Kubernetes launches containers and configures the Load Balancer for you, and you can instantly add new computing nodes. You can also define the health conditions for each service, after which Kubernetes will relaunch any pods and containers that do not meet these criteria. Your nodes can be monitored, and your services benefit from the high availability of our Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions.

Fully managed by SpaceHost

SpaceHost deploys, hosts and maintains all of the components needed for Kubernetes to work, including updates linked to bugs and security patches. We also maintain the necessary components on your nodes. Once you have downloaded your kubeconfig file, you can use all the features of a certified Kubernetes service straight away, while maintaining your focus on your business. Our teams manage the software elements and underlying hardware, which also benefits from our anti-DDoS protection.


General purpose nodes

Shared CPU cores.

Name CPU Memory Disk Transfer Price per Month
nano 1 vCores 2 GB 20 GB 1 TB 2.99 USD
small 2 vCores 4 GB 40 GB 2 TB 5.99 USD
medium 2 vCores 8 GB 80 GB 3 TB 19.99 USD
large 4 vCores 16 GB 160 GB 4 TB 27.99 USD
xlarge 8 vCores 32 GB 240 GB 5 TB 44.99 USD
2xlarge 16 vCores 32 GB 360 GB 5 TB 74.99 USD

CPU optimized nodes

Dedicated CPU cores.

Name CPU Memory Transfer Price per Month

Memory optimized nodes

Dedicated CPU cores.

Name CPU Memory Transfer Price per Month

Block Storage

Will be used as default CSI for persisten Volume claims. You can choose between NVMe, SSD or HDD storage.

Type Price per Month
PCIe NVMe 0.10 USD per GB
SATA SSD 0.08 USD per GB
SATA HDD 0.05 USD per GB

Virtual Private Network

Will be connected to your cluster for private communication.

Included for free

Ingress Load Balancer

Used for your ingress services. Unlimited transfer.

Pricing per Month: 15 USD

Datacenter Locations


*Datacenter availablity not guaranteed for all products. GDPR only guaranteed in EU datacenters.